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In October 2020, several former Blizzard developers teamed up to revive the genre of real-time strategy under the new Frost Giant flag. In an interview with Forbes, the RTS veterans spoke about the project and the funding of their first game.

We had already reported in October 2020 that several former Blizzard developer founded the new Frost Giant studio had. The team consists mainly of RTS veterans who have successful real-time strategy games such as Warcraft 3 or Starcraft 2 in their vita.

Even then, they gave the direction with their first tweet: They want to develop “the next big real-time strategy game”. At this point, with the support of several investors, they had $ 4.7 million in the budget pot.

Thanks to a recently published Interview with Forbes we now know that this sum has now doubled. In a second round of financing, a further US $ 5 million was acquired. Overall, the budget for the new RTS project is $ 9.7 million.

In the conversation they also clarify why the developers of Frost Giant jumped into the RTS genre: There is a very passionate fan base for this genre, at the same time there have been hardly any games in recent years that could meet the existing demand. In addition, the developers grew up with the genre, feel strongly connected to the genre and draw a high level of motivation from this to fill the current gap with a great RTS game.

The developers are now preparing for a multi-year development process and want to strengthen the team for this. The well-known Blizzard mantra “when it’s done” should be in the foreground. The new game should not be a quick shot, but great.

Even if fundamental cornerstones such as setting or title are still being worked on, it is already clear to the developers that players should be able to create their own content for the game and that this content will allow the creators to build their own business around it.

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