The EVE online community proves again and again that it is something very special. Thousands of players came together to celebrate one of their probably last birthday.

Eve Online - Dominion

To celebrate his 42nd and last birthday with Chappy78 Chapman, gathered over 2,000 EVE online players to a gigantic battle. Members of the game's largest alliances participated in the spectacle, and some of the CCP developers were also there. In an interview with PC gamers Chappy reported of his birthday.

Some of the most expensive ships in EVE Online were destroyed in the battle and Billions of the in-game currency ISK of figuratively burned in the fireworks of fighting. All of this happened for Chappy78 who had to learn that a week before his birthday his pancreatic cancer has returned and he won't survive it this time.

To celebrate his last birthday, he invited to the official EVE forum other players to have a big battle with them as it would be for the last. The news of Chappy's birthday quickly spread and he switched to his Discord to organize everything. Over the night had 2,000 new contacts.

The battle itself was one of the largest EVE has seen so far this year. The developers even had to provide extra network resourcesso that the many rockets and lasers did not overload the servers. Even a Titan, the largest ship class, was destroyed.

On the way to battle, however, Chappy thought for a moment that he would not make it. In a dangerous area where players were often ambushed, Chappy was suddenly surrounded by 20 ships. It was code, one of the most dangerous groups known to rob ships whenever they could.

Dach instead of losing all the money he had with him, he got the following message:

"Chappy, we'll be there for them tonight. We will escort you to ensure that your matter arrives where it should go. "

Chappy's last birthday was a very special experience for everyone involved and will hopefully go down in the history of EVE Online. "It was amazing", Chappy said himself. Even if you don't understand much about the game, you can still understand the emotional moments that you can see in the following video:

(embed) (/ embed)

An afterthought: "Happy Birthday, Chappy. Fly safe, pilot. "

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