Thursday, April 22, 2021

Experts see other consoles at the top

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Although Sony and Microsoft have three brand new consoles at the start with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, they will not be able to make the race in 2021 – at least that is what some industry experts claim. Are they right?

Nintendo Switch

Another successful year for the Nintendo Switch: handheld consoles are set to outdo PS5 and Xbox

Although the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 have now been sold almost two months since the start of sales, the availability of the new consoles after Christmas looks bad. The demand is high, the stocks extremely low, the players frustrated.

However, according to some expert opinions, this could benefit another console: the Nintendo Switch. Industry insider from Gamesindustry.biz claim that Nintendo's handheld console will outperform both Xbox Series X / S and PS5 in terms of sales in 2021. Corresponding assumptions were made by the experts during an annual forecast. The Nintendo Switch went so well last year that there was a real console shortage for a few months, which sometimes bore curious flowers. According to the experts, this success will continue in 2021. Perhaps, among other things, by establishing one new variant of the handheld console?

In the fall of 2019, Nintendo presented a cheaper lite model of the Nintendo Switch. We'll reveal in the video whether it's worth it for you:

Nintendo Switch Pro: is the improved console version coming in 2021?

The experts disagree on the subject of "Nintendo Switch Pro". While Piers Harding-Rools and Dr. Serkan Toto is assuming that Nintendo will come around the corner with a 4K-capable Switch model this year, Mat Piscatella sees it a little differently. In his opinion, Nintendo will rather continue its sales success through targeted promotions and new content for the established consoles. He considers the release of a new hardware revision with more power to be unlikely.

The following 10 switch games are particularly popular in this country:

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And what about the PS5 vs. Xbox Series X / S off? Here see the experts clearly the Sony console as a favorite in the new year ahead. However, we won't be able to say whether the assessments of the industry experts will come true until the end of 2021.