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The world quest "Wrath of Aliothe" in the Ardenwald does not currently work as planned: A bug ensures that players can use an exploit to summon virtually endless armies of bear spirits. We'll explain how it works – and why it's better to keep your hands off it.

Anyone who is regularly out and about in the Ardenwald of WoW: Shadowlands will certainly have the world quest one time or another Wrath of Aliothe completed. The quest is nothing special in and of itself, after all, all you're supposed to do is purify the garden of the night by killing 25 Spriggans. Depending on how many other players are about to complete the quest, this can take a while – and frustration sometimes makes you creative.

As the Youtuber Archvaldor explains in a video, a glitch in the world quest ensures that you can summon a practically infinite number of bear spirits: if you assume the form of Aliothe as a bear and then click the "Leave vehicle" button immediately afterwards, he will remain Bear spirit as a pet by your side. You can repeat this as often as you like, so that an endless army of bears supports you in battle.

Archvaldor takes advantage of this glitch to farm large amounts of gold, while another player instead engages in PvP and apparently causes a bloodbath in war mode, as Reddit user cchamp92 shows:

The WoW developers will certainly fix this glitch shortly or by the next iteration of the world quest by hotfix. Should that not be the case
At this point we expressly warn you against taking advantage of the exploit

and farming large amounts of gold, like in Archvaldor's video. As taking advantage of exploits against the World of Warcraft Terms of Service (buy now € 14.99 ) If you violate it, you will almost certainly face a longer ban if you use the glitch to gain unauthorized advantages in the game.

Source: Icy-Veins

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