from Sara Petzold
WoW players have discovered an exploit in the dungeon Peaks of Ascent that allows you to simplify the final boss fight against Devos so much that you can actually skip it.

Errors in the game are usually annoying – but sometimes they also provide (undesirable) advantages in the form of exploits. One such bug is currently in the dungeon Peaks of climb from WoW: Shadowlands for the fact that players can greatly simplify the final boss fight against Devos.

In the following text we describe an exploit, that is, a bug in the game that you can exploit to your advantage. WoW players who abuse exploits to gain advantages can expect a ban from Blizzard. You should also assume that the developers will fix the problem soon and the exploit will no longer be available. So that you still know that this exploit exists and that you are threatened with a possible ban if you use it, we will describe it to you in detail at this point.

The exploit works as follows: If you jump off the platform on which Devos is, you will be thrown into the air and can pick up one of the spears that hover over the platform. You can then throw this spear at the boss, so that the five blue balls appear on the platform that you have to collect. With this you charge the spear and then hurl it at Devos as soon as she changes into the transition phase and before she rises into the air. Devos will then cancel the transition phase and no longer use any mechanics for the rest of the fight. You can then easily beat them up without fear of further damage.

You can see what that looks like in a video on the "WoW Highlights" YouTube channel:

However, we strongly advise you not to try this exploit yourself, because there is a real chance that you will receive a ban.

Source: Icy-Veins

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