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The fight against Kil'jaeden is still a major challenge for many players today. Because the final boss of the tomb of Sargeras has some nasty mechanics up his sleeve that can make life very difficult for you, even with a higher level and high item level. One of the deadliest mechanics can be completely bypassed thanks to a toy from Shadowlands – even if it is unclear whether Blizzard sees this as an exploit.

Normally, even the mythical bosses of a raid lose their horror over time and are eventually sent into the dust not only by random groups, but even by small groups and solo players. Kil'jaeden, for his part, the final boss in the tomb of Sargeras, still proves to be a tough chunk for many groups. And that's not just due to the level and item squish that came to the live server with WoW Shadowlands. Because Kil'jaeden has some nasty mechanics in its repertoire that can quickly put an end to even the strongest heroes. Probably the most dangerous is the recoil effect of the Rending Singularity. If you don't react quickly enough, or if you position yourself unfavorably, this will kick you mercilessly off the platform and into certain death.

However, as resourceful players have now found out, the recoil effect can be bypassed with the help of a simple toy from Shadowlands. What is meant is that Aspirant stretcher. You can climb onto this couch during a fight and are thus immune to the dangerous knockback of Kil'jaeden. You just have to ascend just before the bullet hits and be safe. You can get the stretcher from the Quartermaster of the Ascended in Oribos or the Bastion, provided you have a respectful reputation.

It is unclear whether this is really intended, or whether it is more of a kind of exploit. With such old content there shouldn't be any draconian penalties, but caution is advised. If you want to be on the safe side, you should leave the toy away. In any case, we will observe whether Blizzard comments on it and possibly makes an adjustment to the fight or the toy.

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WoW: Patch 7.2.5 – End-Cinematic with Kil'jaeden and Argus (German)

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