At the weekend, Formula 1 returns with the start of the season in Bahrain. In advance, the Codemasters team has released a new update for F1 2020. However, there is no content for the start of the season. Instead, version 1.17 takes care of several bugs that last appeared in the racing game.

The update is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The developers have also published the patch notes that we have included at the end of this message. Codemasters will soon also announce the next part of the simulation with F1 2021. In our special we already dared to look into the future and talked about the expectations for the upcoming game. In focus: the takeover of Codemasters by EA.

F1 2020 – Patch Notes (Version 1.17)

  • Fixed an issue where the tire temperature could be at absolute zero when entering a session again
  • Fixed an issue when starting the game with the steering wheel connected
  • Fixed a problem with the determination of the world champion in the event of a tie between two drivers
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong message could be displayed when being overtaken in the safety car phase
  • Parc fermé rules are now correctly maintained in leagues after split weekends
  • The lap display in spectator mode now shows the correct lap after the introductory lap
  • Fixed a game crash when viewing replays of F2 races after completing the F2 portion of a career
  • Fixed an issue where players with an access code could not join a private league
  • Fixed an issue where blue flags could be displayed to all players when someone exiting and re-entering during the introductory lap
  • Fixed an issue where the yellow flag message would no longer disappear when the safety car hit the track after a player exited and re-entered a session

Source: Codemasters

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