EA and Codemasters have with us on Thursday F1 2021 presented the next part of the simulation. After the takeover, this is the first title that will be available in stores with EA as a publisher. And this is already having its first effects, as the advance sale on Steam is now showing.

Electronic Arts has increased the regional prices in poorer countries, sometimes extremely. This discovery made Twitter users Lashman made. For example, compared to last year, the price in Argentina has increased from ARS $ 649.99 to ARS $ 3599.00. In the conversion, the price from F1 2020 to F1 2021 has increased from € 5.85 to € 32.39. So the price is still below that Standard price in Germany (59.99 €) – in a direct comparison, players now have to pay much more money there. Other affected countries are India, Brazil, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Russia, Turkey and many more.

F1 2021: Trailer and information about the new part of the F1 racing simulation

In regions such as South Africa or the Philippines, all fans will in future even pay more than the standard price of € 60 or $ 60 in the USA. The extreme price hike could have an impact on sales of the title because some players can no longer afford to buy it. Publisher EA has not yet commented on the topic. F1 2021 launches July 16 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. In February 2021, Codemasters was officially acquired by EA. The company has put a total of $ 1.2 billion on the table for this. Further Details on F1 2021 can be found in our message from Thursday.

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