Fake organization manages to ban streamers

Watching political debates, in which popular streamers comment, has now also found favor on the Twitch streaming platform. A simple false report now makes these streams a spanner in the works.

Twitch: Misinformation leads to banishment of popular streamers

Several well-known streamers on Twitch have yesterday political debates of the democrats followed in the United States and commented on the events in their livestreams together with the community. However, some of these streams were stopped in the middle of the action and the streamers banned. Also the streamer known for its gaming speed runs Trihex is one of the banned live streamers. He wrote a comment on Twitter:

"Super unfair. I didn't play an audio track and just showed subtitles to be in sync while watching. Democracy as it should be. Privatized events for a public election and then use their power to annoy others. Incomprehensible.

As Vice reports, Twitch did not ban the streamer for his political comments, but for one Copyright claim, which was provided by allegedly responsible persons at CBS. The broadcaster is responsible for broadcasting the debates.

Twitch apologizes for the ban

Twitch now has one with Vice Statement on the situation reported and says that the affected streamers have no consequences and the bans will be lifted.

The investigation into the subject has shown that the alleged CBS officers are actually one Company called Praxis Political Legal should act. The associated website was even deleted after the incident. Twitch will make further efforts to To provide mediators of misinformation,

Wrong claims like this are not uncommon on Twitch, but they show once again how easy it can be for third parties, one Influencing the program and thus the diversity of opinions, In connection with the current debate, it can be assumed that Praxis Political Legal had the motive to to prevent political discussions,

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In the future, Twitch could introduce stronger review procedures for copyright claims so that streamers are not falsely banned again. What do you think of the fact that it is so easy to interrupt live streams? Please tell us your opinion in the comments.