The game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is really a phenomenon in itself and has got off to a fantastic start. Even now, almost two months after the release, everyone is talking about the game. At the moment mainly on Twitter – a challenge has broken out.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys attracts millions

Just 24 hours after Fall Guys was released, the game had attracted over 1.5 million players. The high rush initially caused servers to collapse, and streamers and plenty of fans still keep the servers full today. The players really appreciate it short rounds, the mini-games and above all the funny skins.

Who paints the most beautiful bean? (Spoiler: We don't)

Fans build the bean out of Lego, come up with new skins or spend time thinking about strategies on how best to get the coveted crown. Currently, however, many are concentrating on a challenge that was started on Twitter. The task: Draw a Fall Guys figure with MS Paint within 60 seconds. We'll show you what came out of that.

"Can you paint a Fall Guy in a minute using only MS Paint? I just tried."

"Surprisingly difficult. I present TALL guys. "

"To draw!!!!"

"Is that, what?"

"Well, I tried. "

The editors also tried their hand at the challenge – without words (* cough *)

Start the photo gallery(13 pictures)

GIGA GAMES makes Fall Guys even more beautiful – see for yourself

What do you think of the action? If you want to try it out too, we'd love to see your artwork in the Facebook comments. But remember, you only have 60 seconds and you have to use MS Paint. I wish you success!

Jasmin Peukert
Jasmin Peukert, GIGA expert for games, anime, Final Fantasy 14 and League of Legends.

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