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Just before the start of Season 2 in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, there are some new details about the features. The Mediatonic team recently revealed that there will be name badges with individual design options, among other things. In addition, the number of crowns earned should increase significantly.

If everything goes according to plan, Season 2 will be launched on October 6, 2020 in the wacky battle royale game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. As has been known for some time, everything revolves around the Middle Ages – including noble knights and huge dragons. In the meantime, the responsible development studio Mediatonic has announced further details on the innovations.

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According to a recent tweet from the team, there will be 600 percent more golden crowns than rewards over the course of Season 2. This change is based directly on feedback from fans who have complained several times in the past about the low amount of crowns. You need these rewards to unlock additional costumes, so they are coveted by the fans.

The developers also presented the new nameplates in a short tweet video. Many fans have wanted such a feature for a long time. With the help of these badges, which you can – if you have restrictions – adapt to your wishes, it is possible to display your names. In the first season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout h (buy now € 19.99 ) Each player just said "Fall Guy" – followed by a randomly generated number. It remains to be hoped that the players will not do too much nonsense with this new feature, as the developers will otherwise be forced to take corrective action.

Source: Mediatonic

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