There is not just one Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Well, of course, there is only one Jedi in our world: Fallen Order (much to my personal regret) – but in Respawn's new Star Wars game there are at least two, if not four, Jedi: Fallen Orders. Jedi Masters and Knights: It has rarely been so important to choose the right level of difficulty.

Take a look in Jedi: Fallen Order:

Jedi: Fallen Order asks you before the start of the game on which difficulty mode you want to play. As every game does. The common: First is there no normal and also not a completely central option, and secondly, you can not even know what exactly awaits you here. What are the effects of choosing story mode? Well, my Star Wars friends – they are gigantic. Throw your trained Jedi eye on the four possible difficulty modes:

  • Story Mode
  • Jedi Knight
  • Jedi Master
  • Jedi Grand Master

Developer Respawn is at least kind enough not only to let you know what the modes in the game are – but to let you switch between them throughout the game. If you want that. And do not be too proud to switch to a lower level when a boss drives you to incandescence. Not that I know someone who feels the same way. (I.)

These are the extremes of the difficulty modes: Story Mode and Jedi Grand Master:

Difficulty Stats
Story Mode
Jedi Grand Master

The parade window determines how tiny or gigantic that window is that is at your disposal for successful parrying. Do you change now from Story Mode on Jedi Grand Master or vice versa, the game turns from foolproof action game to dark soul experience. It goes so far that you just have to deal with opponents completely different with opponents and applies completely different strategies, as in the other three modes. Basically, it's a different game, so I recommend you switch between modes – and find out exactly where you feel most comfortable. Jedi: Fallen Order you can pick up for PS4, Xbox One or PC.

In Jedi: Fallen Order will be able to choose from multiple lightsaber colors – but which one is right for you?

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Star Wars: That's what the colors of lightsabers mean

Jedi: Fallen Order undoubtedly orients itself in a variety of gameplay elements at the Souls games, starting with meditation spots where you save as well as Dark Sousls while the enemies around respawn. Nevertheless you can here turn the Dark Souls mode on and off, or perhaps with the Jedi Master mode, feel the touch of a soul title without being completely shattered. Which certainly can be nice. Shattering, I mean.