Falling orders in price decline – € 9.99 at Gamestop

You have a few more played or discarded games that you can trade at Gamestop for Jedi: Fallen Order? So cheap you get the new Star Wars blockbuster anywhere – until November 25, 2019. In which Jedi trap order offers the power is still strong, our hard-working Padawane looking for you out here.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for € 9.99 at Gamestop

Is Jedi: Do you have the right order for you? (Yes.) Check out the launch trailer to find out:

You remember the 9,99er-game stop action? The still applies and has recently also Jedi: Trap order included in the assortment. If you play two specific games at the gamestop of your choice, you can buy Jedi: Fallen Order for $ 9.99 in the store. Respawn's new Star Wars blockbuster meets almost all the expectations of fans and critics and is considered by many to be the first truly good Star Wars game since KotOR. Jedi Master Alex explains in his test what awaits you – and why it's exactly the Star Wars game you're looking for.

That's how it works: Do you have two games (or devices) from this Exchange list of Gamestop left, you can give it and you for the Standard version for 9.99 euros pick up. If you give her just one game or device, you can get Jedi: Fallen Order for 39.99 euros in the store.

Important: The Gamestop 9,99er promotion is only valid until November 25, 2019.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in the best deal

The most expensive is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order currently in PlayStation Store, Instead, you should rather join Saturn look over, because that's where the game is for 59.99 euros, NetGames offers the best price with 54.95 euros, on the safest side but you are without question at Saturn.

With 54.95 euros is loud idealo at the moment also the historical best price reached – which is no wonder, because Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order came after all, only a very short time ago on the market:

By the way: If you can wait a few more days on Jedi: Fallen Order, you should do that without question. Then the Black Friday week starts with several offers for video games and hardware. If Jedi: Trap Order is also reduced – what we assume – we will add that in this article. So stop by, future Jedi Masters!