Fallout 76: Bethesda was surprised that PvP was not so well received – game news

of Andreas Bertits
Fallout 76 has suffered a lot of criticism since the release. Among other things, the PvP mode is not well received by the players and that is exactly what surprised the developers at Bethesda.

Did a lot of Fallout fans think of a multiplayer spinoff: "Hey, how cool would it be if you could fight each other anywhere, anytime while doing quests"? Apparently Bethesda went for it Fallout 76 out.

PvP was not well received

As Pete Hines of Bethesda at PAX East explained, the team was behind Fallout 76 (buy now) surprised that PvP didn't care that much about the players. "Ultimately, it was always our intention to release it and see what people think. Then we wanted to align the upcoming features with their response," said Hines. "For example, we were a little surprised at how few people wanted to take part in PvP and how many more were interested in PvE. In contrast to" I want to test my skills against other players and fight a duel. "There are some people who do this don't get me wrong, but I think it's a smaller percentage of our player base than we thought. "

Integrating PvP and PvE into a game and allowing players to attack others anywhere, anytime while trying to complete quests is a double-edged sword. Fallout 76 didn't go down well. For PvP fans, the player-to-player battles offer too little challenge and too little "sense", PvE fans find it annoying when others attack them constantly. Bethesda had obviously imagined it differently. Maybe you should have asked the Fallout community beforehand what they think of PvP. That might have provided important insights. Maybe Bethesda can still take the helm at Fallout 76 with the Wastelanders update that will be released in April.

Source: USGamer

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