As announced in advance, the new, free update "Twilight of Steel" for Fallout 76 was released today, December 1st. The first quest chapter awaits you all about the Brotherhood of Steel, which has returned to Appalachia under the leadership of Paladin Leila Rahmani. You should now help to set up a base and other orders, and if necessary against the will of the local factions. A brand new story awaits you, you meet new characters and dress up with the equipment of the Brotherhood of Steel. All characters with at least level 20 can rush to the new quests.

Fallout 76: Dawn of Steel – Broken Steel Trailer

In addition, the developers at Bethesda are expanding the C.A.M.P.system to include accommodations with which you can build and decorate your own instanced, underground interior areas. The designers describe the feature as follows

"Just imagine vaults that you can build in your CAMP. These accommodations are separate from your actual CAMP and you can access them when you have completed a new quest called" Expansion of the home ". You start the quest via a Poster that you can find in all train stations in the game. Once you have completed this introduction, you will receive your first accommodation for free, additional variants can be purchased in the Atomic Shop.

The first accommodations will play with the Vault theme, but we have plans for more themes. Accommodation consists of a number of unique room types including a utility room, atrium, and foyer, and more are already in the making. There are a few differences between building your C.A.M.P. and in your accommodation. The workshop budgets are slightly increased in accommodations, but there are certain types of items, such as resource generators and display cases, that cannot be built in your accommodations. In order to access your accommodation, you have to enter your C.A.M.P. place an entrance, but you can also place several of them if you want. "

Free, but with an optional Deluxe Edition

Dawn of Steel is, as mentioned at the beginning, completely free for all Fallout 76 players. Who doesn't even have Fallout 76 (buy now ) owns or would like to take a few goodies with you, you can also purchase the Brotherhood Recruitment Package or the "Fallout 76: Twilight of Steel – Deluxe Edition". The Deluxe Edition contains the complete game as well as all bonus content from the Brotherhood Recruitment Pack. And that includes:

  • Brotherhood Reconnaissance Tower – Find new threats or opportunities in Appalachia.
  • Brotherhood of Steel Salute – Ad victoriam, brothers.
  • Brotherhood of Steel Barricade – This is another good way to protect yourself from the new dangers of Appalachia.
  • Brotherhood field backpack – with the field backpack you are always ready.
  • Brotherhood barracks locker – Protect your valuable finds from thieves.
  • Power Armor Livery (New Old Brotherhood of Steel) – Use what you find and get Appalachia back!

Click here for the official one Overview page of the update "Twilight of Steel".

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While the first expeditionary force of the Brotherhood of Steel is on its way to Appalachia, we watch the lost chapter in the new video for Fallout 76, which was created before the reconquest day. There we learn more about their origins before the Great War and their integration into a new ideology. About their tragic demise by the Scorched Plague, which struck the region and ultimately led to the events in "Twilight of Steel." The new update for Fallout 76 will be released on December 1, 2020. PcPS4XBO

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"Dawn of Steel" is the first chapter of the new quest series about the Brotherhood of Steel, free of charge for Fallout 76 players. Paladin Leila Rahmani and her troops from California want to establish a base in Appalachia. Work with the other factions – or against them. Visit settlements with new NPCs and unlock powerful weapons and armor of the Brotherhood of Steel. Become part of the mission to rebuild society and secure valuable technology and decide how to use it. Will be released on December 1, 2020. Fallout 76: Twilight of Steel - Keyart 3 "src ="

Fallout 76: Twilight of Steel, anniversary event and more

We'll tell you what's going on in Fallout 76 over the next two months.

Fallout 76: The Brotherhood of Steel in Appalachia – background video

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