After a very extensive update for the online game Fallout 76 with “Rule of Steel” was released towards the beginning of this month, Bethesda is first shifting down a gear. However, this does not mean that the developers are simply resting their hands on their laps. Another update should appear shortly, but it will be much smaller.

According to current plans, this patch should appear on August 3, 2021 – next Tuesday. The focus is on solving some of the remaining problems in Fallout 76 (buy now 59,99 € /35,99 € )that were reported mainly from among the community. In addition, some new additions to cosmetic items are planned in the Atomic Shop, but no more specific details are known so far. Bethesda also had something to say about the general update policy:

“Of course, our major updates and the new features they bring are highlights for the game, but we are just as careful to patch the bugs that we became aware of through your support. We appreciate all of the feedback and the bug reports that you provide us with, so please keep it up! As always, we will remind you of the update date one day before maintenance begins, and of course patch notes will be available on during the maintenance work. “

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This shows that the patch notes for the next update are not yet known, but will only be available in the course of August 3rd. It is also not clear how long the maintenance work will take.

Those: Bethesda

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