Fallout 76 player torments people with brutal math test

Camps in Fallout 76 are actually there to store your own things and, if necessary, to create a practical and cozy home in the wasteland. However, some are a little more imaginative and build whole complexes – or invent mazes and traps to challenge other players.

One or the other player is very inventive in Fallout 76, so busy YouTubers aswiftkickinthejunk in March 2019 with a so-called Deathclaw Maze, As the name suggests, it was a labyrinth with false doors and some aisles. Prizes are waiting for successful participants, so it was at least on the door.

Once inside, however, these were from one Level 21 Death Claw hunted. Not really nice considering that this labyrinth was in the beginning. Now the YouTuber struck again and put his victims' will to survive to the test. Greetings from SAW?

There are some highlights waiting for us this year.

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A hot undertaking

You have to give him one thing – he is resourceful and does not make it easy for his victims. It's also nice to look over his shoulder in his sadistic endeavor. Math really kills here: The YouTuber built a kind Cell with combination lock and a big math problem on the wall. If you didn't get the solution fast enough, things got tricky – literally.

As usual, he published the result of his test as a thoroughly amusing video. Have fun, you sadists:

What's next? Maybe a SAW underground labyrinth – with even more sadistic tasks for the poor souls who have passed away in it? We expect great things from this very special YouTuber.