Fallout 76 players are already dropping atomic bombs on the new NPCs

Fallout 76 is back with real-life Badlands NPCs, a new main story, and even romances. But what if you just drop an atomic bomb on the content of the free expansion? It's popping, that's for sure.

After the expansion of Wastelanders, new NPC characters have entered Fallout 76's wasteland, the players rejoice Reddit – and bomb their new friends with atomic bombs. What could be better than a bomb to destroy everything? In Fallout 76, it appears to be a greeting bouquet; there is also the very interesting question of whether the DLC can simply be bombed away.

Well it can. But when players bomb the new NPC settlement Foundation, the NPCs don't die, they just put on the protective suit they keep on until the crisis is over. A nice gimmickthat you see in the video by YouTuber Rattler can look at:

Atomic bombs Fallout 76 usually acts as a catalyst for high-level areas: if you bomb a zone, the sky darkens there, storms plague the country and spawn powerful monsters, which are particularly interesting for the endgame. Due to the shared world principle of the title, all players can then visit this area on a server; they all see and hear it when an atomic bomb hits the map.

Fallout 76 is particularly worthwhile if you have a good friend to play with. Interest? in the PS Store just costs the game 39.99 euros.

Everything you need to know if you want to start the game:

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A few days ago, friendly NPCs came into play with the Wastelanders DLCs; Badlands that now populate the barren land. Fallout 76 remains a multiplayer game, but it adorablely approaches the single player parts of the series, offering a main story and relationships you can build with the NPCs. The expansion has been available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One since April 14; free for anyone who owns the game.