Fallout 76 players help community legend after personal tragedy

In Fallout 76's American PS4 community, Brent “CJ Martin” Fairchild is well known and popular. A fire caused a catastrophe in real life, but the community is there for him.

Fallout 76

Fairchild is one of them most famous role players in the Fallout 76 community in the USA. His role is that of a helpful doctor in the middle of the post-apocalypse. He provides the other players with stim packs and food at fair prices or sets up an emergency tent for primary medical care on the edge of the fallout zone of an atomic bomb.

Fairchild's good deeds mean not only one man, but one a whole group of helpers who have built their own system of producers, suppliers and supporters. Fairchild and his team have everything the players need. Be it water, food or items for the end game.

Now the Fallout 76 community gathers to give something back to their Wasteland Doctor and support him in a personal tragedy. A fire destroyed Realchild's house in real life. Fortunately, he was able to bring his wife and child to safety, but retired severe burns to.

A member of the community called Kenneth Vigue starts a fundraising campaign, which is now scarce $ 11,000 from 320 backers came together. The solidarity of this community even goes beyond the game. A fact that, according to Vigue, brought Fairchild to tears.

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Even if Fallout 76 is not the most popular game ever, the community always surprises with great and touching stories. Like the story of Doc CJ Martin, whom even the role-playing groups, who are on the move as robbers, respect and protect and who now gets so much back on a personal stroke of fate.