War, yes, war always stays the same. Just not in Fallout 76, because there the players actually started to make their home out of the broken, dirty wasteland: with friendly neighbors who leave gifts, a player police and of course an animal shelter: the place where you finally get finds the tooth-biting monster of your heart.

The monster is man's best friend. Or so. In Fallout 76 it is not at all, because almost every creature in the wasteland is out to hurt you or, at best, to kill it in a bestial way. Not all players know that animals – eh, monsters – can also be tamed. The love between humans and monsters becomes real in Fallout 76, consolidated by the player-operated adoption center and animal shelter The Couriers Adoption Agency, Not an animal joke.

Fallout 76 monsters are looking for a home

If you want to become a monster whisperer yourself, you have to first of all your character Level 30 whip. It’s only from there Animal Friends capabilitythat allows you to tame animals from level 3. Even death claws, the worst monsters among the monsters. How polygon reports, the nasty-sweet monsters are the most popular as a pet for exactly this reason: Who can say that they know the most terrible mischief in the basket at home?

Not many. Taming monsters is very difficult, because the game does not tell you when it will finally work, or whether the creature can be tamed at all. Of course, the fact that your potential pets want to eat you up doesn't make the whole thing easier. (But more exciting, I would think.)

The Couriers Adoption Agency's monster friends know a few tricks. Because they are completely committed to the good cause of finding a suitable home for every Fallout 76 monster: "Provide your adopted animal with a safe and loving environment in which there is plenty of room to roam“Is one of the adoption rules. The Couriers meanwhile move through the wasteland and tame all sorts of smaller and larger beastswhich, prior to adoption, are then presented in a manner animal shelter stay until they have found their new owner.

But it doesn't take forever. The rush for monster mediation is said to be quite large, since most players would like to become a monster mom or dad, but have no patience to tame. But even after the successful adoption, it is not done: The Adoption Agency attaches great importance to the fact that the animals are treated well and protected above all. Mainly in front of foreign players, but also in front of hostile NPCs and other wild carnivores.

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Animal welfare in Fallout 76 is therefore no easy task. Which in no way means that it is not worth the effort: "Gail is happily playing hide and seek in mud and grass in his new animal home," wrote Renee Michelle Grocott (via Polgyon) about her new mutant bear. It's great how the Fallout 76 players are always finding new ways to get even more out of the game.