Fallout 76 always has players who take a lot out of it and want to enrich others. Streamer Rifle Gaming has now set itself the task of ending insolent in-game sellers with atomic bombs.

In Fallout 76 it is important to collect materials, craft and build a base is not wrong. Extensive loot tours also bring together numerous items that you may not need yourself, but are suitable for sale.

In order to bring the things to the man or the player, you have the option to set up appropriate machines in his base. However, some offers are so outrageous that a streamer has come up with the right punishment and carries it out in a very amusing way.

Fallout received 76 more content with Wastelanders.

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Taking revenge on insolent in-game sellers by breaking into the base or chasing him in the game is boring and whether they learn anything from it is also questionable. It is much more exciting and above all more effective to completely level the base. What is better for Fallout 76 than nuclear bombs.

In an amusing video, streamer Rifle Gaming shows how he, with the help of a few friends, holds the sellers accountable. Some even take it themselves with humor.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7C6thP8iEs (/ embed)

What do you think of the Rifle Gaming campaign? Have you ever met insolent sellers and if so, how did you react to them? We are happy to tell us in the comments.