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The fall of 2018 release of Fallout 76 was anything but good. There was criticism. But Bethesda has learned from this launch.

Players always want to have single player experience

"We've found that even if it's a multiplayer game, be it Elder Scrolls Online or Fallout 76, a large number of our players want to play it like a single player game and don't want to be distracted by other players "Games treat multiplayer in different ways, and I think it all has its value," explained Bethesda's Todd Howard.

That explains why Fallout 76 has been more popular with players since the Wastelanders update was released. Because with this NPCs were introduced into the game world, which provide the heroes with quests. This makes it possible to use Fallout 76 (buy now /€ 11.99 ) playing a lot more like a single player RPG than it was before. There is also the option of setting up your own (albeit paid) server, in which only friends are on the go or you can even act alone. Even The Elder Scrolls Online is very easy to play alone. It is basically possible to experience the story as a single-player title if you ignore the other players – even though it is an MMORPG.

So now Bethesda knows that fans want a single-player experience – be it in a single-player game or a multiplayer title. It will be interesting to see how this knowledge affects the developer's upcoming projects. Starfield, for example, is supposed to be a pure single-player game.

Source: The Guardian

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