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Bethesda is preparing the Wastelanders update for Fallout 76. In a recent blog entry, the developers announced that they wanted to release a new trailer on February 4. To get in the mood for the video, Bethesda introduces the new call system that will be introduced with Fallout 76 along with the Wastelanders update. The adventurers will be rewarded with one or two rewards. We summarize the details in the article.

Bethesda is working on one with Wastelanders major update for Fallout 76, In the past few weeks, the developers have already released the first bits of information about the upcoming patch. In a recent blog entry, they announced that they wanted to publish a new trailer for the Wastelanders update for the online role-playing game on February 4. So far, no details are available. As a foretaste of the video, they are now introducing the new call system that comes into play along with the update.

The call system brings you closer to the two new factions – settlers and raiders – and also earns you a reward or two. "When your paths cross with those of the settlers and raiders for the first time, they will treat you with suspicion and hesitate to welcome you with open arms – after all, you are a stranger," write the developers. If you help them, your reputation will increase. You complete orders, eliminate opponents for them or obtain information. There are seven levels, including "Hostile", "Suspicious", "Neutral" and more.

Wins your reputation with a faction in Fallout 76, you will receive a notification about the points you have collected. When completing a story quest, you earn significantly more points than, for example, completing a faction day task. You can see the call via the social menu in the online role-playing game. Using the symbols shown there, you can see what reputation you have with the respective faction – and find out how much you still lack until the next level.

"As your reputation among raiders and settlers increases, the people in the Crater and Foundation will welcome you more warmly, and there will even be new merchandise from the faction traders. If you complete story content, you will also have access to new traders," explains Bethesda. Among other things, they should have blueprints for new faction items on offer. You unlock them at certain levels like "Neighborly", "Friendly" or "Ally". We keep you up to date in our news area. So far, there is no specific date for the Wastelanders update. (buy now for € 59.99)

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