Saturday, July 24, 2021

Famous NPC is finally fed up and takes revenge

Image: Rockstar

Since the casino opened in GTA Online, the parking service NPC in particular had to take a lot. Now it was enough for the NPC and he put up a fight. From the parker to the thug and thief and then to the bus driver.

GTA 5 - Grand Theft Auto V.

Felipe is fed up. Since the Diamond Casino & Resort was introduced in GTA Online in mid-2019, the Park Service NPC to put up with pretty much anything. He was shot, run over, set on fire, beaten up and harassed in virtually any way the players could use. Even with tips, the players were always very economical.


After all the harassment, it was just an outstretched middle finger that broke the barrel. Reddit user Ecahill453 took his bus (why not) to the casino and showed him the rude gesture. Then Felipe tore the door open stormed into the bus and discharged all of his pent-up anger in one kicklike kicking the player all the way to Liberty City. Before the player could do anything, Felipe threw him out of the bus in a high arc.

Since Felipe was just discovering completely new sides to himself, he apparently decided to become a bus driver, pressed the gas pedal and raced away. Ecahill453 probably had a very emotional bond with its means of transportfor the loss of the companion made him draw his pistol to judge himself. So his blood flowed over the same stones that Felipe's blood had flowed over so often.

Felipe was just fed up.