Ninja actually had nothing to do with the whole thing. And yet a hacker attack on his Twitter profile should lead to a real argument.

Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja, is probably the most famous gaming streamer in the world, A role that of course has a lot of rivalry alongside many positive things. One of the rivals of the gaming celebrity, who gained fame primarily through Fortnite, is Turner Tenney alias Tfue. Both have been in competition for a long time: for reach and attention, for victories in online matches – maybe even in the future for victory in the ring?

At least when it comes to Tfue, it should amount to that. In a video that the famous streamer and martial artist recently published on his YouTube channel, he challenges Ninja to fight. But not online, but for a real fight in the ring:

Hacking attack on ninja leads to beef

The background to this is a hacker attack on Ninja's Twitter profile. The attacker (s) temporarily tore the streamer's account under their nails and provoked Tfue via the platform. He replied noticeably amused: "Imagine Ninja is man enough to fight me."

In his YouTube video, he already acknowledges that it wasn't a tweet from Ninja himself. Nevertheless, this has probably hit a nerve at Tfue. He explains that he used to regard Ninja as a friend, but that he was dishonest and I talked badly about him behind Tfue's back, wished him to fail. This, in combination with the longstanding professional rivalry, is reason enough for Tfue to challenge Ninja to boxing to "clear the fronts once and for all".

Tfue is also mocking: At the end of the video he attests to ninja irrelevance and attests to him that since moving to Mixer he has had much more publicity than such a fight that such a struggle would entail. That is in view of the continued popularity of Ninja and the probably not to be despised money that he makes with the mixer deal.

The fact is: even if the tweet was a hacker's mob, it seems to have brought a deeper hostility to light, which Tfue is now willing to do away with through a fight. Ninja, however, reacts rather calmly and declines the invitation to fight in a tweet:

He had nothing against Tfue, didn't want to do anything bad to him and didn't want to fight him either. However, he finds it inappropriate that he exploited the hacker attack on Ninja's account for publicity.

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Is this a legitimate invitation to Tfue's sporting competition, or is it just a dull macho attitude and a completely exaggerated reaction to a hacker tweet? At least the statement of “being a man” can be described as male chauvinism. Maybe, as Ninja claims, the behavior is just a publicity stunt? Let us know what you think in the comments!