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In WoW Shadowlands, many deceased characters from the great Warcraft universe return to the big story stage. For example, Ysera, the former leader of the Green Dragonflight, spreads her wings in the Ardenwald to fight evil again. To celebrate Ysera's comeback in Shadowlands, artist Julie Colibri creates a beautiful statue that shows the light and dark sides of the dragon lady.

Ysera, the dreamer, is the aspect of the green dragonflight and the guardian of the emerald dream. In WoW Legion, she fell victim to a nasty plot that eventually cost her her life. But even after her death, the green dragon lady plays an important role in the history of WoW Shadowlands. Because in the heart of Ardenwald spreads a corruption that threatens to devour the souls of its inhabitants.

To honor Ysera's victim in the fight against Xavius ​​and his henchmen and their return to WoW (buy now for € 14.99) Celebrating Shadowlands is a talented one Artist named Julie Colibri a beautiful statue that shows both the light and the dark side of Ysera von. The filigree and highly detailed work of art is approx. 25 cm high, 26 cm wide and weighs 477 grams. Ysera's wingspan is even 38 cm! The statue consists of many different materials, polymer modeling clay, metal for the basic structure of the figure and wood for the base. Julie reports on her Patreon blog Which pictures she used as a template, and also posted a lot of pictures that show the creation process of Ysera's statue step by step.

The artist even has a small Easter egg in the shape of Remnants of the Void hidden. This flower grew in the emerald green nightmare and could be "picked" as a treasure in the raid of the same name.

How do you like the little sculpture by Ysera? Would you like to see more WoW characters from the artist? And if so, which ones exactly? Let us know in the comments!

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