The global pandemic has seen a surge in console purchases in recent weeks, especially the Nintendo Switch has been a popular product, which has even led to a sellout in some countries. This caused a fan to build their own switch.

Lately it has been almost impossible to get a Nintendo Switch console in some countries and if you were lucky they were often overpriced. This gave Reddit user Sarbaaz37 the idea to build a switch completely from individual parts and the result is surprisingly good.

A console doesn't always have to be large.

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The handy console is not only perfect for playing with it on the go. Even in your own four walls, the easily portable switch is the perfect companion for contact blocking. Reason enough for the obviously tech-savvy, Sarbaaz37 to pull out his tool and do it himself.

The end result is a working console, which cost him just 184 euros. As it turned out, you only need 22 parts – and it works perfectly. For those who want to imitate it, he even has one Guide released.

What do you say about the action? Could you do something like this or did you even assemble or improve something yourself? Let us know in the comments.