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Azeroth from a different perspective. The artist Kruithne merges all maps of Azeroth in World of Warcraft into a comprehensive 3D world map. With us you will find the thumbnails of their great work.

The game world of World of Warcraft has literally grown beyond its limits. Besides Azeroth, there are countless worlds out there that we have visited or that we do not yet know about. But although our urge to discover is infinite, we are always drawn back to Azeroth, where our first adventure began. How big the map of Azeroth has become can be seen in the artist’s latest work Kruithne (aka Kru). A few days ago she published a comprehensive 3D map of Azeroth with all areas discovered so far. Her version of Azeroth consists of all the cartographic data from WoW, which the artist painstakingly put together in a sandbox version. On twitter you will find all preview images of the map and the corresponding links to the full version of the world map.

Work on the Azeroth project continues

Seeing Azeroth from a new perspective is particularly exciting because we miss many beautiful details in the game, even in flight. Our personal highlights are Nordend and the island of Pandaria. The Broken Isles also look interesting on the map. Check out how big and gorgeous the magical night elf town of Suramar is! The only area missing is the Nazjatar Zone. Kru promises that she will revise the map as soon as possible and bring it up to date.

“There were a few complications, but despite having plans on how to fix them, I couldn’t realistically allot any more time to this so it ended up getting left out.”

The merging of plaguelands from WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Classic and blood elf zone from Burning Crussade was a particular challenge. Originally, both areas were strictly separated from each other, so the boundaries of Quel’Thalas did not really fit in with the classical world. However, the artist solved the problem very cleverly and added some elements such as passes and mountains to the map. Kru followed the same strategy when working on Silithus and put the wound that Sargeras inflicted on Azeroth at the end of WoW Legion into the classic map with some additions.

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