from Stefan Brunk
In one of his open letters to the community, producer and director Naoki Yoshida spoke about the cancellation of the North American "Final Fantasy 14" fan festival. He also gave a brief overview of the current development status of Patch 5.3.

Many have suspected it in the past few weeks, now it is sad certainty: Due to the corona pandemic, the "Final Fantasy 14" fan festival, which was planned for November 2020 in San Diego, will not take place. In his 63. Letter from the producer Naoki Yoshida commented in detail on the reasons, stating that the safety of employees and visitors remains a top priority.

However, as Yoshida emphasizes, despite the cancellation, you are trying to have the event take place at a later date. Various options are currently being examined for the first half of 2021. Purely digital variants are also being considered. It is not yet known whether the fan festivals for Japan and Europe must also be canceled.

"Meanwhile, preparations for the fan festivals in Japan (planned for December 2020) and Europe (planned for February 2021) are progressing. As in North America, we intend to carefully monitor the course of the coronavirus pandemic and the events as appropriate Rather than pushing for the festivals to proceed as planned, it is more important to us that everyone involved, from the players to the development and operations team, can come together and enjoy these events wholeheartedly and without worry "

Yoshida for patch 5.3

In his letter from the producer, Yoshida also talked about upcoming development work Patch 5.3 for Final Fantasy 14 (buy now). Due to the difficulties caused by the changed working conditions, the update originally planned for mid-June will be delayed by at least another month. It is the QA department that is struggling with problems.

"Our QA team in particular was hit hard by the loss of their regular work area and will not be fully used until mid-June. With the support of all departments, however, they are making progress in preparing the patches and the entire FFXIV team is working flat out on it. Originally Scheduled for release on June 16, Patch 5.3 will be delayed by at least more than a month, but we are committed to keeping this delay as short as possible. We will announce a new release date in the near future. "

Of course we will keep you up to date with all further innovations regarding the Fan Festivals and Patch 5.3.