For its 35th birthday, Nintendo is launching a Battle Royale with Super Mario. A fan had the idea of ​​turning the platformer into a fight "everyone against everyone" a long time ago.

Super Mario Bros. X

With Super Mario Bros. 35 there is now an (official) Battle Royale in the Mario universe. The game was announced at a separate Nintendo Direct, which also featured a Mario Kart for the living room and a collection of 3D Super Mario games.

The genre mix of platformer and battle royale could be seen at least temporarily before the announcement. The YouTuber InfernoPlus presented a variant of a Super Mario Battle Royale in the summer of 2019. It also used the classic Super Mario Bros. as a basis, but then went a slightly different way in terms of further gameplay.

In summary, the idea of InfernoPlus all players in the same game and could interact directly, with Nintendo's approach they are Players in separate games on the go and rather indirectly influence the other players, for example by sending completed Goombas to the games of the others.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite

By the way, Nintendo didn't like the use of Mario at all. It was "only" a free browser game, but nonetheless also one Infringement of License Rights, which Nintendo is known not to tolerate. InfernoPlus, however, was not deterred and redesigned the game without Nintendo's assets and called it DMCA Royale, a reference to the American Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The law protects copyrights. By the way, the two characters are now called “Infringio” and “Copyright Infringio”, which are Italian versions of “infringement” and “copyright infringement”.

For the YouTuber it is clear that Nintendo was “inspired” by his idea, he said Polygon:

“It's actually pretty funny that a big company like Nintendo is grabbing some crazy idea that came to mind. They really have to run out of ideas over there. "

Now, as a game concept, Battle Royale was not a novelty at this point; Nintendo, as the publisher of Tetris 99, also had the idea of ​​marrying a foreign game concept with the one-will-win concept. How original the idea of ​​a Mario-BR might be is difficult to judge – with the specific game idea InfernoPlus was definitely faster.