Fan invests 1,300 hours in "Tier 8" trailer "Gear up"

from Karsten Scholz
A WoW maniac has said he has invested 1,300 hours in his new project: the newly released trailer "Gear up" for the Tier 8 class sets of hunters and warriors. The result is a short but very impressive video that WoW fans should have seen.

Anyone who has played World of Warcraft for many years and made the various raid instances unsafe should have built up a special connection to one or the other class tier set. Be it because it took a particularly long time to complete that set, be it because the look of the set was just good or because you just had a lot of fun in Azeroth in the associated raid tier.

While the author of these lines is a big fan of several animal sets from the Classic and TBC era, he seems Youtuber Dr. Phil prefer some sets from the WotLK era. At least he says he has put 1,300 hours into his video project "Gear up", in which he puts two Tier 8 armor from Ulduar in the spotlight in a particularly chic manner. But see for yourself:

Specifically, you can see in the video Conqueror's Scourge Battlegear the hunter who Conqueror's Battlegear armor as well as the weapons Aesir's cutting edge and Platinum Guard Rifle. How does it look: Which other animal sets should be appreciated in a chic staged trailer? What are your favorite sets? Let us know in the comments!

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