On the Xbox Series X | S consoles, games can sometimes take up twice or even four times as much space as intended. A fan is now explaining how you can prevent this and save memory.

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In certain cases the Xbox Series X can be obviously unintentional Install games several times on the internal or external hard drives. In these cases, a trick that an Xbox gamer has now shared on Reddit helps. If you are affected by this, you can use this trick to delete the superfluous game copies and get back valuable storage space.

Xbox Series X: Possible lack of storage space due to duplicate games

According to the post on the Xbox Series X subreddit, there is a low to medium storage risk for gamers who an external storage medium or Seagate storage expansion connected to their Xbox. In detail, this is noticeable in the fact that games may be installed twice or, in extreme cases, even four times on your hard drives – and thus of course take up a lot of storage space. These duplicate games can occur for a variety of reasons, such as when an Xbox One game on the external hard drive is upgraded to X | S or when a download fails and starts over.

To get a quick overview of possible duplicates, you have to go to the settings of your Xbox. There you will find the media remote function under devices. There you have the option of defining an app for the remote guide button. If you click on this feature, you will get a complete list of all installed games. If there are duplicates, they are indicated with numbers in brackets. Now you can make a note of the affected games and delete them directly using the manage function for the individual games.

You can read the Reddit post in detail here:

Xbox: memory trick delights gamers

Gamers in the subreddit respond with great gratitude to the user’s memory trick, tamdelay. Many report that they so far had no way to keep track of the duplicates on their hard drives. Instead, they had to check each game individually for luck. This lengthy process has now been simplified significantly by the clever trick – and players have gained up to 200 GB more storage space on their Xbox.

In our video we show you all the important information about the Xbox Series S | X:

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