Fan turns Bad Boys into Mario Kart

When you think of Will Smith, you think of titles like Prince of Bel Air, Men in Black, Independence Day, Bad Boys and Aladdin – Mario Kart does not necessarily come to mind. However, a fan proves that Smith can take on Super Mario.

Will Smith's latest film was recently released Bad Boys For Life, He and Martin Lawrence go hunting for the really bad guys together for the last time in the action flick. That has nothing to do with gaming? That's right, but Will Smith recently enjoyed a fan post on Instagram that combines both worlds smartly and amusingly.

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Instagram users alfredzass actor Will Smith seems to have put a smile on his lips, at least his contribution was shared and commented on by him. The short video is a few shots from the shoot for Bad Boys For Life. Will Smith and colleague Martin Lawrence ride a bike and have to do with repelling their opponents.

Sounds like Mario Kart? Alfredzass thought so too and turned the recordings into an exciting one Mario kart racing with bananas, bombs and tanks. Coupled with iconic music and familiar sounds from the Mario franchise, you feel like you are in a Nintendo game.

"My favorite Mario Kart characters are Toad, Daisy and Marty Mar :-)" writes the likeable super star as a comment on the shared video.