Fan video amazes everyone

A video posted on YouTube is currently being celebrated by console gamers. A fan presents a variant of the PS5 controller that we all secretly want.

PlayStation 5

Lighting gives PS5 controllers a cool look

The YouTube channel Ellejart shows its own interpretation of the PS5 controller with an impressive one Lighting animation. Forget RGB keyboards and backlit PCs, this controller steals the show:

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The iconic PlayStation button colors have been sorely missed by many console fans since the introduction of the DualSense controller. The simpler design of the gamepad doesn't necessarily suit everyone's taste. This lighting would definitely be one real eye-catcher and would raise the atmosphere a few levels in the dark.

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Players celebrate the glowing buttons on YouTube

In the Comments under the YouTube video, the illuminated PS5 controller is greatly celebrated. Many also want Sony to implement this optical gimmick and make it a default becomes. For example, Seven More Days writes:

Somebody has to send the video to a developer so they can make some quick adjustments.

Sony will probably no longer make quick adjustments, but a later version of the PS5 controller could definitely do so Upgrade tolerate.

As long as we have to wait patiently for the DualSense of the PS5, here are the best tips for your PS4 controller:

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These are the best tips for your PS4 controller

The PS5 controller lighting is really impressive and should serve as a good inspiration for Sony. Everyone can judge for themselves how disruptive such a function is in practice. However, everyone could be satisfied with the option to switch them off.

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