Video game fans can be a little too detailed when it comes to their favorite game. But the Monster Hunter movie gets one elementary thing wrong on a movie poster – in the truest sense of the word.

Monster Hunter World

A new trailer, a new poster and a few dissatisfied Monster Hunter fans, filming a video game is a tricky business. On the one hand, it is important not to offend the fans, on the other hand, the film usually has to work for a larger target group in order to be financially successful.

Monster Hunter: World - [PlayStation 4] "src ="

Monster Hunter: World – [PlayStation 4]

Even the transportation of US soldiers into the world of Monster Hunter did not really suit many players. A trick from the anime genre Isekai that is unnecessary for many. With a poster the film takes a bit of the heart of the game, the monster hunt. The creatures in Monster Hunter can only be found in certain locations, tracking them down is the first step. The monsters have various elementary and status weaknesses and finding the right tactic for a particular monster is a real process without guides. This poster almost violates this complexity and the peculiarities of monster hunting.

The monster on the poster is a Diablos and how the Twitter user comments ironically, Firearms are a rather humble idea against the fire-resistant monster. Ice as elemental damage would have been the right choice here. In addition, Diablos seems to be standing in a river, the monster is only in the wild tower wasteland to be found and hides there under the sand and not the surface of the water.

In the end, it was more about getting a cool poster, and ice guns in the desert might not look as appealing as firearms on the river, so probably a design decision. According to the trailer, you can find out how accurately the film wants to and will play the game in December 2020.

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