Since 2003 fans of the "Dino Crisis" series have been waiting in vain for a sequel. Now it has come to light that a sequel was already being planned – so why wasn't it developed?

Dino Crisis 2

A recent report revealed that a defunct Capcom studio was already working on a “Dino Crisis” game, but it didn't get far. This is reported by reporter Liam Robertson, who once looked around at Capcom.

Capcom Vancouver, also known as Blue Castle Games, was very interested in implementing a “Dino Crisis” reboot. Unfortunately, this did not happen because after a bankruptcy with the "Dead Rising" franchise, the studio was closed in 2018.

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Dino Crisis – Why was the idea not continued?

Five years ago, Studio Vancouver wanted to continue the popular survival horror game Dino Crisis. If the plan worked the fans would already hold the game in their hands, but unfortunately Japan spoiled the studio.

According to Robertson, Capcom Japan declined the game because the studio was not ready to invest heavily in the new technologythat would have been necessary. If that's true, Capcom was simply too expensive to develop the game.

However, that was not the only game that Japan rejected. A Resident Evil X, an Onimusha revival and a "Mega Man" game are said to have been put on hold.

What do you think? What a pity that Capcom Vancouver could not prevail with Dino Crisis? Would you like a remake or something similar? Please write us your opinion in the comments.

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