Even the action role-playing game Underworld Ascendant could not convince with its quality. But even the physical editions that have now been delivered cause a lot of trouble.

Fans had imagined it differently

It took the developer Otherside Entertainment two years to complete the release of Underworld Ascendant (buy now € 9.99 /€ 6.99 ) to finally deliver the physical editions promised to the Kickstarter backers. But the joy is limited, the players are angry. There should be a Collector's Edition for $ 150. A special box with a special cover was planned for this. A card should also come with the game. A simple DVD box with a slipcase, a rather simple manual and no card was delivered. After all, the slipcase shows the alternative cover of the collector's edition.

Those who helped finance the game with such a large amount feel fooled. They expected a large box, a nice manual and a map. Accordingly, the anger is currently unloading about the comments on the Kickstarter website. There is currently no official statement from the developers.

However, the studio is not doing well. Most of the employees had to be laid off after the disastrous launch of Underworld Ascendant and probably the money simply wasn't available for a high-quality physical version and collector's edition of the action RPG. After all, the status of the studio's next game is also currently unknown. System Shock 3 is to appear in cooperation with the Chinese company Tencent, but how far advanced the title is and what it is about remains unclear. With the physical edition of Underworld Ascendant Otherside Entertainment has lost some of the trust of the fans.

Source: Kickstarter

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