Fans suspect episode 2 will be shown during PS5 showcase

from Andreas Bertits
On Wednesday, September 16, Sony is holding another PS5 showcase. Episode 2 of the Final Fantasy 7 remake may be shown. At least that's what some fans believe.

There are currently rumors that Sony and Square Enix will show something together during the PS5 showcase on September 16 from 10pm. Final Fantasy 16 is one of the guesses. But it could also – or perhaps additionally – be episode 2 of the Final Fantasy 7 Remakes act.

Final Fantasy could be the highlight of the PS5 showcase

Sony could get a lot of attention with both games and make the PS5 an interesting console for RPG fans. We know that Part 2 of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is already in the works. According to Square Enix, the new part should appear as soon as possible. The basic systems were introduced with the first game and some assets are already available. That means, basically, the development of Part 2 should proceed faster than that of Part 1.

It is conceivable that a first teaser trailer of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episode 2 might be shown. Even if it's just something very short. It would also be possible for Square Enix to save the game for the Tokyo Game Show, which takes place online from September 23rd to 27th.

However, fans of the RPG series think it is more likely that we will see something about Final Fantasy 16. Allegedly it is a pure fantasy game without science fiction elements, which uses a well-known and proven engine. However, neither Final Fantasy 16 nor Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episode 2 have been officially confirmed as part of the PS5 showcase. However, it is likely that Sony will show a few more interesting titles and probably also mention the price and launch date of the Playstation 5.

Source: Reddit

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