A few days ago, a remaster of Crysis 1 was announced for summer 2020. Fans are now guessing that Crysis: Warhead is one of them and that other parts may be planned.

With Crysis Remastered, a classic shooter comes back and according to some fans, the Warhead expansion should also be included. Crysis: Warhead appeared as a standalone title in which the player told the story of Psycho, which runs parallel to the plot of the first part.

In one Reddit Post explains users ContributorX_PJ64that the wording of the announcement and the tweets by Tim Willits, creative director of Saber Interactive, suggest that Warhead is part of the remaster and that parts 2 and 3 may also be reissued.

The announcement states that Crysis Remastered "Will focus on the single player campaigns". From the choice of the plural, ContributorX_PJ64 concludes that this means both the campaign of the original and that of Warhead. He supports this theory with Willits' tweets, which read: "I have always loved the Crysis games and I look forward to introducing them to new players with Crytek.", and "We'll talk more about the Remasters soon. I'm happy that people are excited. "

However, the tweets have now been removed. The choice of words even suggests ContributorX_PJ64 that a success of the first part can lead to remastering of Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 and even further.

Often something new – maybe Crysis 4?

Even if it is very far-fetched, it is still worth a few thoughts. The aforementioned Reddit post discusses whether the remasters might be a Crytek test, whether a fourth part is worthwhile. For that too Vacancies at Crytek speak who call an unannounced AAA game.

It is important that none of this is official and that it is only a guess.

Original message from April 17, 2020:

Crysis Remastered will be released this summer – even for the Switch

After a few days with less cryptic teasers on Twitter, it's official: Crytek plans to launch Crysis Remastered for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch in summer 2020.

In 2007, Crysis made a name for itself primarily as a potential meltdown for the home PC, since the hardware requirements were not without back then. The game was through "But can it run crysis?" even on a widespread meme and Crysis Remastered already shows a certain meme potential.

Here you can see the first official teaser:

Crysis Remastered is slated for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch this summer. In the announcement it says the developers will focus on the single player campaigns. The game is of course graphically neatly polished with high-resolution textures, new light, shadow and particle effects and also software-based ray tracing. We will soon find out whether the visual upgrade will be another eye-opener like 2007.

"But can a switch run crysis?"

Crytek works with developer Saber Interactive for portingwho have already demonstrated their skills with The Witcher 3 switch port. In memory of the sophisticated original, there are first (mostly jocular) concerns as to whether the Switch can meet the hardware requirements of Crysis Remastered. Will we have a new Crysis meme soon?

Some imagine the start of Cysis on the Switch as follows:

Reddit presents the port graphically:

Exclusive first image of Crysis remastered on Nintendo Switch from r / gaming

This switch gave up even faster:

My Switch 1 second into running Crysis Remastered from r / gaming

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At Metacritc, the PC version of the original is adorned with a 91, so with a decent remaster, Crysis can once again become a good shooter. What are your memories of Crysis? Would you like a new edition?