Now that God of War has made the leap from PlayStation to PC, Bloodborne is one of the last great exclusive titles that are not available on the home computer. This PlayStation 1 demake doesn’t change that, but it’s definitely worth a look.

Not only Bloodborne fans, but also PS1 nostalgics should enjoy the 10 minutes of gameplay. If the two parties also overlap, the video is sure to evoke true happiness. The developer Lilith Walther did a great job and cobbled together a version that was really true to the original, which could certainly have flickered across the screens in the late 1990s.

The Bloodborne PlayStation 1 demake: a true nostalgia trip

And the Demake really offers a trip back in time, including grainy graphics and the PlayStation 1 boot-up sequence. When it comes to the sound, you immediately notice how much work has gone into this fan version. Everything sounds like it is being spoken through a filter, even the sound effects are not very clear and yet Bloodborne players recognize every action immediately.

The ten minutes of gameplay then show exactly what they promise: The beginning of Bloodborne (buy now 19,99 €)if the game had come out on PlayStation 1, including the intro sequence, the character creator, the werewolf and the messengers. The conclusion of the pact also creates a mood.

Then it’s off to Iosefka’s clinic, where you collect items and read tutorials. After a brief, unfortunately fatal encounter with the first enemy, you wake up in the hunter’s dream. Like the clinic before, it also looks more surreal and scary in a completely different way than the original thanks to the pixelated graphics.

Rumor has it that the recently acquired by Sony studio Bluepoint Games is not only working on a Bloodborne remaster, but also on a sequel to From Software’s Gothic horror nightmare. Whether this will be as scary as the demake for the PlayStation 1 remains to be seen. After all, the bar is pretty high.

Those: Lilith Walther

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