Fantastic trailer for the WoW classes

from Susanne Braun
Machinimaker IKedit is now known in the WoW community for its remastered cinematics but also for its own works. In 2018 he already dedicated himself to an extensive project with twelve parts: a series of class trailers. After a trailer for the demon hunter and one for the druid in March 2018, you can now look forward to more parts – with a new class trailer!

Youtuber and Machinimaker IKedit has already garnered the admiration of many WoW fans, among other things with its remaster and self-made versions of well-known trailers for World of Warcraft. But IKedit is also tackling his very personal projects and began in March 2018 with a class trailer for the youngest WoW class, the demon hunter, and shortly thereafter also followed by the druid. This means that ten hero professions are still missing from his class trailer series – and IKedit has now teased them.

Ivan Kuzkin aka IKedit sends the death knight and his personal undead army to Tirisfal, the monk in the depths of the Black Rock, and gives the priest angelic wings. The magician is allowed to surf through Dalaran powered by his magic power, while the paladin, on the other hand, swings heroically on the back of his trusty steed and gallops over the bridge of Stormwind. The villain deserves his laurels in the field of honor, namely in the arena, while the shaman conjures up a mighty thunderstorm.

A goblin hunter targets Alliance warriors who have no chance against his accurate shots, an impressively armed warrior beats a herd of Saurok, and the witcher finally rules the Alterac Valley with his demonic powers. IKedit, whose Projects her on Patreon can support, indicates at the end of the trailer that there will be more to the WoW classes soon – we are excited and excited. And you?

Here you can see the class trailers for Demon Hunters and Druids, which Ivan Kuzkin completed in 2018.

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