The open-world shooter Far Cry 2 was released 13 years ago and during this time the video game medium has developed quite a bit, especially when it comes to graphics. If you start playing games from 15 years ago today, then the disappointment with the lumpy graphics, the muddy textures and the absolutely not detailed environment has always been a bitter disappointment. Modder PuppyUnicorn thought that too and gave the dusty game a facelift!

A feast for the eyes!

Far Cry 2 took a mod time travel and landed in 2021!  Not good for Far Cry, but good for us as players! & Nbsp;

Far Cry 2 took a mod time travel and landed in 2021! Not good for Far Cry, but good for us as players!


Since you can expect Far Cry 6 to be a little longer in coming, the “Far Cry 2 Modernized” mod comes just at the right time. PuppyUnicorn insists on improving the game a little bit. In addition to bug fixes, you even get additional content, upscaled textures and a custom HDR and sharpness-based ReShade. PuppyUnicors Mod is based on the well-known Redux Mod and offers everything it already had, only better!

Even more content!

Other mods have also been implemented, for example the colorful weapon icons from the “Detailed and Colorful Weapons Icon” mod, the upscaled AI textures from the “Enhanced Texture Pack” mod and the “Acutal Syrette Icon” mod. The whole package is rounded off by Daniel Pistelli’s 4 GB exe patcher, which means that the 32-bit version of FarCry2.exe uses 4 GB of RAM instead of 2 GB.

Further information, the download and the installation instructions are available at


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