PETA and the world of video games are by no means strangers. The animal welfare organization has already gone on a confrontation course several times with well-known games, one of the most famous cases is probably the scandal surrounding Raccoon Mario. PETA criticized Mario’s power-up in Super Mario 3D Land and unceremoniously published a brutal flash game as a “statement”.

Ubisoft has also felt the wrath of the infamous animal welfare organization several times as part of the Far Cry series. The fourth part wanted to avoid a confrontation with PETA and argued that it was a video game and not a documentary.

In the fifth part, the attempt failed, PETA complained about the fishing mini-game, calling it “unethical and glorifying violence”. The recently published sixth part of the Far Cry series also called the animal welfare organization on the scene. The reason for the excitement this time: the cockfighting.

Far Cry 6 and PETA: Steam of anger instead of cockfight

The cockfight is a mini-game in Far Cry 6 (buy now € 54.99)where you have to find a rooster and then step into the ring against another rooster in the style of a classic beat ’em up. In contrast to the model from reality, the variant in Far Cry 6 is far less bloody. You lose some feathers when you take damage, but animal death does not occur and blood does not flow.

The PETA still finds the mini-game reprehensible and demands its removal. Origin of the message is a tweet by PETA Latino, the Latin American branch of the animal welfare organization. There you turn directly to Ubisoft, criticize and condemn the cockfights that occur in Far Cry 6 in the strongest terms: “Racist and speciesist. Contrary to your defense of your cockfighting mini-game, this cruelty is not part of Latin American culture. Glorifying violence against animals for pleasure must stop. Shame on yourself.”

After the tweet, they also reported on the official homepage with a statement: “Turning a horrific blood sport like cockfighting into a Mortal Kombat-like mini-game like Far Cry is far from real innovation, because today’s society is strongly against forcing animals to fight for their lives. Roosters in cockfighting have sharp runners that can easily pierce flesh and bone, causing painful and fatal injuries. PETA Latino advises Ubisoft to replace the reprehensible mini-game with one that does not glorify violence. “

A response from Ubisoft is still pending, but should be similar to the predecessor of Far Cry 6: friendly and determined, but without responding to PETA’s criticism or even following the demands. In any case, Far Cry 6 offers plenty of opportunities to explore and enjoy the game world aside from cockfighting. We’ll tell you not only how we like Ubisoft’s latest adventure, but also how you can get rid of the annoying Twitch TAB problem.

Those: PETA Latino auf Twitter / MAP

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