This is what Giants writes about the new trailer:

“Agriculture is getting sweeter and more delicious than ever before: Developer and publisher GIANTS Software is introducing brand new features for Farming Simulator 22 before. These include beekeeping for honey and greenhouses for strawberries, lettuce and tomatoes. The new Trailer also highlights the revised farm animals, which are now even cuter, as well as the new wild animals that roam the fields and forests. (buy now € 38.99 /39,99 € )
In combination with the new production chains, players can expand their own farm considerably with even more options and produce far more than just the familiar crops. This type of direct and local distribution allows for greater complexity, especially in multiplayer mode when several fans work together.

Even more income from honey!
The undeniable importance of bees is also evident in the Farming Simulator 22 through various effects on the farm. Placing beehives near fields with rape, potatoes and sunflowers increases the yield of the sown fruits thanks to pollination. And of course, bees do what they do best: produce a sweet, golden, thick substance.
Stacked on pallets, beekeepers can: inside (preferably in the new protective suit provided) either sell the honey produced directly or deliver the product to the cereal factory in order to produce a crunchy muesli together with other ingredients. While the beehives, which are available in different sizes, produce honey in the warm season, in the cold season they only serve as a place for a buzzing slumber party.

Greenhouses secure the income even in winter
With the newly introduced change of seasons in Farming Simulator 22 players have to prepare for the cold winter. In addition to clearing snow and raising livestock, additional income can be generated by building greenhouses of various sizes. While plants and trees don’t bloom in the cold months, growing strawberries, lettuce and tomatoes is still a green sight – at least as long as fresh water is available. In this way, your own farm remains profitable even in the icy winter months. “

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