Updates are said to be faster to download and apply on PS5 than on PlayStation 4. In a current one FAQ article Says Sony, "Downloading and applying game software updates on the PS5 console should generally be faster than on the PS4 console because it manages the data size of updates and patches more effectively." Means: Long loading times during the copying process should be a thing of the past with the PlayStation 5 – also because of the SSD. In addition, some PS5 games offer the "Preferred Install" feature. This allows you to choose which part of the game should be installed first.

"This allows a player to prioritize access to a particular mode or feature. For example, the installation of the single-player or multiplayer component of a game can be preferred," said Sony. In supported PS5 games, you can also remove certain modes or content that are no longer needed. On the current consoles, for example, this is the case with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. For example, if you no longer play the campaign, you can uninstall it if you wish, in order to free up more storage space.

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"It is up to the developer to decide whether or not to support these features, but the goal is to maximize storage flexibility," added Sony. In addition, with a feature in the updated PlayStation app for mobile devices, players can remotely manage their PS5 console's storage "if they use the app to add a game to the download queue on their console and run out of storage". The PS5 (buy now ) will be released on November 19th in Germany.

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