In 2018, developer Techland announced Dying Light 2, a fan-anticipated sequel to the zombie RPG. But at Techland, according to some employees, things are anything but smooth.

Dying Light 2

Originally, Dying Light 2 was supposed to be released in spring 2020, but in January 2020 the responsible studio postponed the release indefinitely. According to one Report from TheGamer the project is not doing well. Several former employees and those employed by Techland report from a chaotic productionthat they on bad and above all erratic management lead back.

"Total Chaos"

According to a source from TheGamer, Techland's production is said to be total chaos and not very targeted. The reason for this are the constantly changing decisions by Creative Director Adrian Ciszewski and CEO Paweł Marchewka. A source said:

"There are tons of examples where someone is responsible for a given feature, but Ciszewski and Marchewka just change that for some foolish reason, because they saw something in another game that worked differently."

It's supposed to be a well-known joke at Techland that in the development of Dying Light 2 not even the name is considered fixed. Developers often have to do things again that were approved a month ago "Because the CEO changed his mind because of something he saw on the internet."

Marchewka in particular is used by several sources for his "Autocratic" leadership style criticized. He is also for feedback with wording like "That just looks bad" and "This character looks gay" known. In addition to being homophobic, this is also not very helpful.

Uncertain future for Dying Light 2

According to the report, something has happened in the past few months 5 percent of the 400 employees leave the company. However, there were no new hires, the management is opposed to this idea and is otherwise not interested in changing anything in the situation of the project.

TheGamer also deals with other issues that affect Techland issues, on which Marchewka also speaks directly.