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Hearthstone female streamers are refraining from releasing new cards in the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, United in Stormwind. The reason for this is the current court case against Blizzard, in which female employees in particular are victims of sexual harassment and discrimination.

As recently revealed, the State of California has been observing Blizzard’s culture for the past two years after some current and former employees sought legal assistance. There are some terrible things up here, especially sexual harassment against mostly female employees.

To set an example, many players in the community have already announced that they will cancel their WoW subscriptions, not give Blizzard another cent, delete their accounts, etc. At this point in time, we do not know whether employees from the Hearthstone team will also join Belonging to suspects (primarily investigating the World of Warcraft team), but in the overall context that is not important. It’s about sexual harassment against women. As a result, some female Hearthstone influencers are foregoing their Card Reveal for the new Unified in Stormwind expansion.

The Hearthstone devs are sending influencers cards in advance that will be used in the next expansion. The influencers then usually present them in a video. This draws more attention to the expansion and is well received by the community. LT Eddy was supposed to publish a card from the set yesterday (July 22nd, 21st), but decided against the given reason.

Alliestrasza had already made her elaborate Card Reveal for her YouTube channel, but decided against it due to the current situation. She explains the situation in a short Twitter video.

For the most part, the influencer’s reaction is received positively. However, there are also people in the community who have no use for this “activism” and are demanding that card reveals in this case be given to other people in the future.

Cards of the upcoming Hearthstone expansion will of course be published anyway and will not disappear in the Nether just because an influencer has not uploaded their video / article. All new cards from United in Stormwind will be on time after the Schedule on the Hearthstone Official Site released. We also keep you guys in our article. United in Stormwind – All previously known cards always up to date with new cards.

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