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The corona crisis influenced the delivery of the role play Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The release date remains, but it could be that some players receive their orders late.

Square Enix had already reported on the current situation around the corona virus last week and explained that the release date of the Final Fantasy 7 remake remains on April 10. However, there may be delays in delivery.

Square Enix has no replies yet

According to Square Enix, the current corona crisis is affecting the delivery of the physical versions of the Final Fantasy 7 remake. Amazon also announced that the delivery of products that are intended to meet the basic needs of its citizens is currently a priority. Square Enix promised fans to provide more information late last week. There was also a new message on Twitter. However, Square Enix cannot provide any answers yet. The situation is still unclear. The answers should finally come in the coming week.

The fans understand the situation, but think that Square Enix could just deliver the game a few days earlier. Then there would be a higher chance that it will reach the players in time for the release. Others are already switching from the physical version of the Final Fantasy 7 remake to the digital one. Because this will definitely be available for download on April 10th.

Source: Twitter

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