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A recently surfaced advertisement for FIFA 21 is currently causing a huge shit storm among fans. The trigger for the displeasure is the very offensive promotion of FIFA Points – the in-game currency that you can optionally purchase for real money. Electronic Arts has not yet commented on this.

While the release of FIFA 21 is getting closer and closer, a very specific advertisement for the soccer game is causing great displeasure. In the corresponding thread at there is even a real shit storm among the fans. But what exactly happened?

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As can be seen in the picture of the advertisement, which was also shared via Twitter, among other things, Electronic Arts is promoting the use of FIFA Points very directly and therefore aggressively. The FIFA Points are an optional in-game currency for FIFA 21 (buy now € 54.99 /€ 56.99 )that will allow you to purchase packs of player cards for FIFA Ultimate Team. You can get this in-game currency by completing tasks in the game – or alternatively for real money. This gambling-reminiscent mechanic is not a new feature of FIFA 21, but has been an integral part of the series for several years.

What are the players bothering about in this case? As can be read on, the point is that the advertising suggests that the FIFA Points are an integral part of the game or of FIFA Ultimate Team. However, the mode can in principle also be played completely without this in-game currency. In addition, the ad appears to come from a catalog aimed primarily at children. According to the criticism of the fans, gambling is deliberately advertised to a young target group, which in their eyes is not okay.

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Electronic Arts has not yet commented on this issue. How do you feel about the current allegations? Is this advertising really reprehensible or is it an overreaction from the fans? Let us know in the comments!

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