With a new generation of consoles, many players hope to be able to play with friends on old platforms. FIFA 21 rejects this idea.

FIFA 21 has no crossplay. Image source: Getty Images / dar woto

FIFA 21 has to do without crossplay

Numerous games boast of being able to unite players from as many platforms as possible. This will not be the case in FIFA 21. Electronic Arts makes it clear in advance that the sports simulation completely renounce crossplay becomes.

The publisher writes on Twitter that players on different platforms cannot play with each other. This applies even to Consoles from the same familysuch as the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. So if you want to play with a friend who doesn't make the leap to the next generation, you'll be separated from each other.

However, it should be possible for yours Progress in FIFA Ultimate Team from PS4 to PS5 and from Xbox One to Xbox Series X. You can find all further information about crossplay, co-op, next-gen upgrade and release in our article.

FIFA 21 will completely dispense with crossplay. The announcement is especially annoying for those who are buying a new console and doing so separated from their fellow players become. What do you think of EA's decision? Please write us in the comments.